I want to write a short article on one of my passions. What is that, you may ask: it is none other than the crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle may not be the most glamourous form of entertainment or hobby. This particular hobby of mine first appeared on September 14,1890 in an Italian magazine.

I find it amazing and appreciate that this “art” has been around for 120 years and enjoyed by millions, if not billions of people worldwide. I don’t know who specifically invented the crossword puzzle, but I want to take my hat off to whomever it was and congratulate them on fine job of inventing such an excellent and enjoyable hobby. I would also like to offer them many thank for providing such a stimulating hobby as well. To me, one of the best aspects of this hobby is you don’t have a rocket scientist to do crossword puzzles. Granted, they come in different levels of difficulty, but don’t let that scare you from attempting to solve them. The three levels of difficulty are the following: easy, medium and hard. Speaking of the hard level, the hardest and prestigious is the New York Times crossword puzzle. On Sundays, newspapers will print a New York Times puzzle; if you dare try to solve it.

I find working puzzles enjoyable and relaxing. They also stimulate your mind which a really big benefit. There have been numerous studies done that show doing crossword puzzles could possibly ward off dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I do puzzles every day, and I always try to do some for an hour but I can easily spend my whole doing them. Right now, it is a nice divergence from the gloomy economic news;that seems do come out every day.

My favorite two publishers are Penny Press and Dell. They are really easy to find, most grocery store and drugstore chains have them. If you can’t find them there, you surely find them at Walmart;since Walmart has everything known to man there. I like to get my issues by going to their website and ordering them in bulk. I do this so that I will have a couple month’s supply to work through. Plus it is convenient to order online and have them shipped right to your door. Also, finding crossword puzzles for free is very easy to do. There is a daily one in your local newspaper, or just go on the internet and Google it. I encourage you to pick up your pen or pencil and embark on this enjoyable hobby of mine.

Source by Suzy Bledsoe


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