Increasing your size is not unlike going into a fast-food restaurant and deciding on what size you would like your meal to be in. Some men choose the smallest size and some men choose the largest size.

Which would you choose? It really is not such a difficult question. Most men would opt for the most incredibly-large size possible. But men don’t realize such options are available on the Penis Enlargement Menu of Life. So they stick with the small portion they have and don’t realize that they can order any size they choose.

How is this possible? Well, “Man” was born with a reproductive organ that does not utilize a bone to create an erection. While his cousins, the primates (apes), utilize such a bone. So do most other mammals. One of the great things about not having such a bone is that the penis in Man utilizes blood hydraulics and tissues to create an erection.

Once one begins to look at the physiological aspects of how Man creates an erection, one just has to look a little closer and use some common sense to see that this system can be improved upon. You see, blood fills up chambers in your sexual staff to create an erection. No boney portions are utilized. It is easy to deduce that if one can get these chambers to contain more blood that your sexual organ will be able to be increased in its size.

This is why things like pills and patches don’t do much for making your “Best Friend” grow. We are looking at a mechanical structure and no magic patch or pill is going to have much of an affect on a man’s size. No. We have to look at it the old-fashioned way, in the days before computers and all of this digital nonsense that is running our lives; and that is to get off of the couch and start to exercise our penises. Just like in the days of the Pioneers. If you wanted to eat, you had to go out and work at gathering food or hunting down an animal. If you didn’t, well then, you didn’t eat that night and went to bed hungry. The same is true with size-increasing principles: If you want to get results, then you must work at it. It is almost a foreign concept these days; and that is to actually work for something and earn your prize through your own effort and will. And with such exercises, a man can increase the size of his “member” and take control of his own life and future… Plus, the greatest aspect of it is knowing that you have earned all of your abundances. There is still such a thing as Pride and this is one way to get it.

Exercising the penile tissues simply uses methods that use the hands to pull, stretch, and squeeze as much length and girth out of your “pride and joy” as possible. You have to work at it. So, if you want that Small, Medium, Large, or Super-Huge portion, it’s up to you to do the work. Don’t expect to get something for nothing by taking some magic-penile pills or rubbing some cream on yourself. The choice is up to you…

What size do you choose?

Georg von Neumann

Source by Georg Von Neumann


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