Fast Food consumption is the main problem for eating habits in America. This consumption has increased in the United States over the past three decades. Many researches and studies conclude that eating fast-food regularly causes many health problems because it contains a lot of calories, fat and sugar. Also this food is low in fiber and nutrients. According to many study young adults that eat at fast-food restaurants gain more weight and have increase in insulin resistance in early middle age. It’s very difficult to eat a healthy way at a fast-food restaurant. Even though some restaurant try to offer healthy menus.these menus still include foods that are high in fat, sugar and calories and low in fiber and nutrients. According to some experts, people should decrease how often they eat at the fast-food restaurants. The main reason for the weight gain is that sometimes a single meal at fast-food restaurants contains enough caloric requirements for an entire day. Many research links eating at fast-food restaurant to greater weight gain and increase tendency to be overweight. According to a federal dietary survey of more than 9000 Americans, an increase in fast consumption yielded not only higher calorie intake among participants, but also a decrease in the concentration of vitamins and minerals in their diets. Many people take care of their cars better than their bodies. People eat fast-food because it is more convenient, cheaper and tastes pretty yummy, for this reasons tons of fast-food get consumed each year. We know that old habits are hard to die but knowing the health problems caused by junk food force us to think twice before eating fast-food meal. So we should think about the benefits of preparing a healthy meal at home. So the First benefit of food`s preparation at home is that it will save you money, secondly the food that you prepare yourself let you decide the portion of fat and calories you would like to eat, and finally it will save yourself from health problems caused by I encourage myself and everybody to change their eating habits and their food preparation.

In America experts argue about whether the causes of the increases of the rates of obesity are the individuals or society or fast food or family. The question arises here perhaps more pressing, namely, what do we have to do about this problem? Here the frequent responses from each side, from talk radio, blogs and newspaper editorials. When the Individuals are targeted, some companies and institutions move to account their employees for their excess weights. For example, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania try to make students lose some kilograms, and North Carolina State forcing its employees who do not discount the weight to participate in the health plan that is more expensive. Also some U.S. airlines retain the option for obese passenger to pay the price of two seats. As well as adoption agencies refuse requests of obese parents, and some child-care institutions threatened to snap obese children from parents unless the parents encourage their children to decreases weight.

A plan of attack would be to impose a tax on those foods, which many feel they contribute to the problem. It is believed those who support the imposition of this tax – known as the sin tax – on fast food and candy and soda that this tax would urge people to look for foods more correctly. But there is a front that refuses these procedures and considers another way of saying pay the price of your obese, and demands that companies of foods and beverage industry to be part of the solution. The working-level study has shown that the number of employers who offer weight management programs has increased from 6% in 2006 to 25% in 2009.

The programs vary based on weight administration to cultures of companies. The program has included in its advice about weight and fitness centers on-site cafeteria and make the prices affordable and more nutritious than fast food in addition to providing financial incentives. Some companies, raising the slogan “the more healthy the best benefits were better.” And reward staff for other companies just to participate in these programs. With regard to individuals say one of the specialists that blaming obese people is not correct because many cases of obesity are a result of genes and environment. Twenty years ago, food was not available everywhere, but today you find even in the petrol station, hardware store, laundry and other auto other outlets. And more food available is the least feed. He argues the defense team of human obesity is that obese people is not the case because a lot of people with heavy weights are healthy and active.

In the opinion of specialists, the solution is not easy and that it needs to step up outreach programs in the workplace, schools and communities and more research to identify successful programs based on evidence, and believe that reducing the impact of obesity and related health costs requires changes at four levels: Individuals need to be responsible for their choices and this includes their choice of their bodies. Family should be responsible for feeding the children where the parents are a living example of the system healthy diet and exercise habits. The school has a role in the provision of appropriate options. Social institutions, including the workplace, must play a more active role in the quality of food provided and provide health education and adequate programs and financial incentives to encourage more healthy behaviors. Required to provide better research so that we can distinguish between what works and what does not work. And health care decisions by community members, but in the context of the family and society. i think that we all responsible as individuals to educate ourselves and our families about the danger of the fast-food and junk food consumption. also the government is responsible and it should regulate the food and beverages industry. so these companies put the health of their customers first before its profit. so we need all the elements of the society to participate in the effort of building a healthy individuals that will contribute to our economy.

Source by Abdul Mouhsin


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