FHTM Mall is busting onto the scene connecting hungry deal shoppers online and the convenience of the internet. FHTM has gone on to branch out and help save people money outside of their standard stock services and products. From what used to be generic services like communication and entertainment, now FHTM mall comes around to bring the full buying experience full circle.

Now you’re not here reading this because you don’t know what FHTM mall is about. Your here to understand how the heck can you make your own shopping portal the Walmart of the internet. The relationship of going to a small niche on the internet and just dominating it. Just like how Walmart goes to rural areas and which was once an area with little traffic and sales the convenience of buying brings the shoppers out of the woodwork.

See, advertising a generic portal from Fortune Hi Tech Marketing has a very unique problems. Why would someone go to your portal versus the others? How would someone find your shopping site over the next rep in the business. Why wouldn’t they just skip right over you and buy from the source? What is the company teaching you about driving traffic and customers to it?

See, I already know what your thinking. I don’t even work for the company and I know what they are teaching. It is a relationship business and you should only share your store to your sphere of influence. Or as we call it in the network marketing industry your friends and family. That just doesn’t sit right for me since can you really live off the volume of just the handful for friends and family? The quick answer is no because you need volume.

This is where the internet comes to life. If you want to make more sales and share the love of your FHTM mall you must learn how to use the internet correctly. That includes learning traffic generation methods like Facebook and Craigslist to drive solid customers who are hungry to buy. These free methods will kick start your sales but the master marketer knows that is just the tip of the iceberg. An organically growing FHTM store will explode if all arrows point to your store. Do you know how yet? If your stuck the first place to go is the library but we both know the library is not up to date on cutting edge methods to online marketing.

Source by Lawrence Tam


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