If you are suffering from gout then you need to know that it is caused by accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints or with in the tissues that surrounds certain joints. The real cause of gout is increased concentration of uric acid in the blood due to metabolism of purines.

The characteristics of gout include pain, swelling, joints enlargement, deformation and joint damage. The gout symptoms include sudden burning pain, swelling, warmness and stiffness in joint or joints, low grade fever (rarely).

Diet for gout: In order to reduce uric acid level in blood, it is recommended to go for a low or no purine diet and limit foods which are high in purine. It is also recommended that you should go for a regular exercise in order to reduce your weight, since obesity seems to be a contributing factor in some cases of gout.

Eliminate all high purine containing foods such as sardines, anchovies, organ meat etc. from your food menu. Try to restrict moderate foods like seafood, legumes (dried), spinach, cauliflower, meats, poultry, oatmeal etc.

Try to drink plenty of water daily. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water helps dilute uric acid crystals, also water acts as a natural cleanser. So, it is better to drink water rather than drinking alcohol or any fluid that is harmful for your health.

One day diet menu for gout sufferers:

For breakfast cornflakes, egg, toast (soft cooked), milk, sugar, jelly, coffee, margarine. Lunch, eat Cheese and macaroni, green beans, apple pie, butter, coffee, tea, sugar, coleslaw and dinner roll. Ans in dinner 2-3 oz roasted beef, baked potato, cauliflower, sliced tomato, bread, baked custard, mayonnaise, without sugar or cream – coffee or tea.

Source by Suven Bhanot


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