I used to have a cat that was bad about cat spraying in the vents of my truck. I broke him by putting little sticky roach traps on the hood of my truck. It became very apparent which one was doing it when I had to peel the roach traps off of his paws. I know it sounds a little cruel but it was better than putting rat traps up there or getting rid of the cat.

I got rid of the cat spray smell by using baking soda and bleach. I mixed a little baking soda and water and poured it down into the vents of my truck along with a little bit of bleach. Seemed to do the trick right away to get rid of the cat spray smell.

Usually when a little kitten begins to spray they will lift their little tail and twitch it back and forth in a vibrating motion. Usually at around 6 weeks there really isn’t any spray coming out, they are really just going through the motions. But they are trying, trust me.

Cat Spray should not be treated with ammonia as it will only make it worse. If you notice, cat spray sorta smells like ammonia. So why would you throw gas on a fire? It will only intensify the cat spray smell.

I am going to give you some solid advice that really works if you want your cat to stop spraying in the house or in the same spot over and over.

First get yourself a scratch post and put it in your garage or on the back porch if you don’t have a garage. A cat post contains cat nip, but not a lot. So next you will need to go to your local Walmart or where ever and you can buy cat nip. Pour the cat nip all of the scratch post. The cat or cats will prefer to spray on the scratch post as apposed to your couch or chair. Trust me this really works.

There are other tips and tricks that will help you get your cat to stop spraying, if you love your cat. If you don’t have the patience then the only other alternative to making your cat spray stop is to get rid of the cat and get yourself an animal that doesn’t spray.

I’m no cat expert although I do believe I could qualify as one, if for no other reason than the fact that I’ve had so many cats in my life. Both inside and outside cats.

Source by Millard Jacobs


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