Those who make international phone calls regularly through traditional phone services realize how massive the bills can become. Fortunately, there are other options than the traditional phone services available, and it is possible to make relatively cheap international calls on a regular basis. One of easiest and most efficient ways to make cheap international calls is through l "low rate access number".

There are many professional companies that can be found through a quick search on the internet that offer calls abroad from as little as 1p per minute, which can be up to 96% cheaper than a call through BT. You don't have to register or set up an account, you simply dial a telephone number prior to making your call abroad and follow the instructions. You can a make cheap international calls from your mobile or landline phone.

Some people prefer instant messaging (IM) because it is free (assuming that you have all of the equipment and a fast internet connection), and one is not going to find a better deal on cheap international calls than that. In order to get started, the caller and the recipient are going to need IM software, an IM user account, a microphone to speak, and speakers or headphones to listen. Now they can connect to each other through IM, and once they have established that connection, they can switch over to voice communication.

Skype is a software application that allows people to make voice calls over the Internet. The difference between Skype and an IM is the larger feature set. Skype is more user-friendly, it allows for video communication, and it can connect outside of the Skype service. The greatest benefit to Skype is that, like IM, calls within the Skype network are completely free. Calling from Skype to another service will incur charges but it does still make for some cheap international calls.

The first step toward making cheap international calls with Skype is to visit Download their software, install it, and then become an official Skype user by signing up for a Skype account. It is critical that both the caller and the recipient take these steps. If the caller has multiple family members outside of UK, then it is imperative that each of them take these steps.

Skype is a great solution if it is applicable, but there are many cases where it will not be. For instance, most callers will not always have access to the Internet. Secondly, some recipients will not be able to use Skype for various reasons. In these circumstances, using Skype to make cheap international calls is not possible because the additional fees rack up quickly.

Source by Sachin Kumar Airan


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