Xlite is a free SIP softphone that is available for download from Counterpath Corporation. Many people use Xlite as a means to test wholesale VoIP providers before sending live traffic. However, since many such providers require a prefix to be sent as part of the dialstring, it is useful to have a dial plan in place.

Once you have installed the Xlite softphone on your Mac or PC, the following four steps will guide you in configuring a prefix using the dial plan (these instruction should work equally well with other Counterpath softphones such as Bria and Xten).

Step 1: Run the Xlite softphone on your PC, and open the configuration menu by clicking the ‘SIP Account Settings’ menu item.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Dial Plan’ entry field at the bottom of the ‘SIP Account Settings’ configuration menu.

Step 3: Enter the prefix information using the format below. if you would like to send the prefix 11780414 by default for any number input that starts with a “+”, use this entry in the dial plan…


Step 4: For more examples of dial plans, or to answer other related questions, search for the Xlite manual, which is freely available for download from many sources.

Step 5: Place a test call to the wholesale VoIP termination provider of your choice. If the provider has an online CDR tool, you should be able to see the call including any prefix that was sent. If the dialstring does not the required prefix, your call will likely fail. In that case, check your configuration by reviewing steps 1 through 4, above, and make any changes as necessary.

Source by Jason Fanning


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