While many have read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” they still have questions. Lots of people seeking awakening find that intellectually understanding the concepts and actually experiencing awakening are two very different things. That’s why so many seekers read and subscribe to the works of various authors and teachers as they hope to develop a better understanding from their next lesson.

Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle held class to help seekers of the information better understand and implement the concepts. The class was part of Oprah’s book club and course materials included a workbook and recorded awakening exercises that included various meditations. The 10 week course aired live over the internet. It started in March 2008.

Spiritual gurus often sell courses like this for thousands of dollars. Classes that take place over the phone for a few weeks cost hundreds of dollars. Several recorded audio courses cost a hundred dollars or more. This class, along with the workbook and additional materials were offered free of charge. Students just needed to purchase a copy of Tolle’s book for about $15.

For those who missed the live classes, they were recorded and are available at Oprah’s website. Oprah and Eckhart compiled over 15 hours of video for students to view on the web. They can even download the videos to review on a computer or I Pod while they’re off line. Students can download MP3 audios of the classes, a workbook, and additional materials.

The class is best experienced over 10 or fewer consecutive weeks. Students should read each chapter at least once with a highlighter and review the highlighted areas several times. They should also complete the workbook entries for the corresponding chapters to get the most out of the course. At that point students can watch the recorded 90 minute class conducted by Oprah and Eckhart that corresponds to the chapter.

The recorded classes consist of the hosts’ discussion of the chapters so students can gain a deeper understanding. Oprah and Eckhart conducted the classes as live web events. Students from around the world asked questions about implementing the teachings. Some students called in, but many used Skype video calling which added an extra richness to the video presentations.

The teachers checked in with a study group at a Borders book store in Chicago each week and by the time they got to Chapter 7 they linked up with another study group at a California book store.

Eckhart Tolle shared information about the writing of the book and how the information came to him. Oprah shared her understanding of the book as well as how she fits what some call “new age” teaching with her Christianity. Tolle often quotes Jesus, but says the book is not advocating any particular religion.

Everyone in today’s day and age seems to be rushing through life. They approach today as simply what they must endure to get to tomorrow and eventually arrive at the destination they want. They always seem to be striving to get somewhere else.

We have often been told that it is the journey that is important. “A New Earth” expands on that ideal and advocates that we need to fully experience each moment of our life in the “now” to really enjoy the journey and live a fulfilling life.

Anyone interested in the subject or those who are seeking awakening can gain a world of knowledge by reading “A New Earth” and taking this free course. Tolle said it best when he explained to students that if someone begins to read the book and it does not make any sense to them, it is simply not their time and they should just set it down. Tolle makes it clear that he is not an evangelist and is not forcing his teachings on anyone.

Source by Dean Marino


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