When you are in a vacation spot, the food and drinks are not to be disregarded. In fact, the food is a big deal for most vacationers who only want to taste the cuisine in a particular place. This is true especially in one of Mexico’s vacation havens such as Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen is a city in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea and a part of the Mexican State. It does not serve purely Mexican cuisine only. There are wide choices of both local and international cuisines found in its different restaurants.

What’s On the Menu?

Playa del Carmen restaurant offer vacationers really great Mexican cuisine experience. On their menu are the delicious and tempting Panuchos, Fajitas De Pollo, Tacos Al Pastor, and Conchinita Pibil. There are still a lot of various Mexican foods offered at Playa del Carmen restaurants. The menu is mostly a combination of colonial and indigenous ingredients. Some food has strong spicy flavors while there are also those with light taste.

Popular Choices

There are many Playa del Carmen restaurants that one can see just about anywhere in the city. It could be within hotels, villas, or just along the streets. Some of the popular choices of most tourists are:

oEl Provenzal. This offers Italian cuisines with a tropical Mexican touch. This is a classic fine dining Playa del Carmen restaurant.

oLe Bistro. This one offers a wide choice of French food, dessert, and wines with a relaxing and fun atmosphere. This is a popular choice for first timers.

oDon Emilione. Guests can choose to dine outside the umbrella covered patio or inside the first floor air conditioned area that’s alive with jazz music. The specialty of this restaurant is seafood.

oPlaysia Restaurant Bar. This is the newest restaurant of the Blue Parrot. They serve international cuisine particularly Asian cuisine in an exotic and elegant environment with colored lit pool and jungle-type interior.

oMadre Tierra. For more private, rustic style diner, this is a place to go. It is popular for its juicy steak,

fresh fish fillet, and a cold beer.

oIpanema’s Grill. This restaurant offers different types of grilled meat. It varies from poultry, fish, and farm meats grilled with a tasty and juicy finish partnered with seafood salad and other desserts.

oLa Ceiba. Located at the heart of the city, this restaurant breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It prepares both international and local specialties.

oKool Beach Club. On top of the breathtaking views and relaxing outdoor furnishings, one can enjoy the varied cuisines offered in this restaurant.

oMamita’s Beach Club. This restaurant offers meals for breakfast, snacks and lunch, and much more. Aside from the varied food that ranges from fast food to freshly served snacks and meals, there is also a playground and a pool where families can surely enjoy their stay.

These are some of the most popular Playa del Carmen restaurants where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal of either local or international cuisine. While you are enjoying your stay at Playa del Carmen, get a bite or two in any of the various restaurants in the city. It will surely be a mouth watering experience.

Source by Arjun Collier


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