Trying to find the real deal in cheap handbags when it comes to shopping is a pain. I can’t tell you how many times I have been clueless as to know how to shop for a handbag and what to look for? There were times when I didn’t even know I had to look for something. All I was focused on was the price. My motto back then when I had less cash in my pockets was “If it ain’t FREE then it’s too expensive!” Yes, now that’s just a glimpse of how bad I was at shopping in general and especially for handbags. You have to look for items that give you the BANG for your BUCK. But how do you go about this? Well, after months of shopping for handbags in various stores and even online stores, I have came up with the following solution and tips that will help you with cheap handbag shopping:

Know the value or worth of a handbag. This goes for any item that you may be shopping for but are looking for it at a discounted price. Understand how much a handbag generally costs. Now I know that in this category you would say “It depends on the brand of the handbag.” You are correct; however, still guesstimate the price of a handbag despite if it’s Gucci or Fucci. So I would say a handbag costs around $25; however, a GOOD handbag (something decent with a decent style, decent material, and produces a decent performance of holding all of the items you have stored inside of it) would be approximately $45. Designer handbags would be anything above that. For instance, $90 for a Coach bag or even $150 for one would sound about right. More of the mid-class bags such as XOXO should be noramlly priced around $50+. (Knowing this would also help you shop on eBay and know when to keep bidding to a reasonable and fair price or to know when to stop and say “Hey! You’re ripping me off now buddy!)

When you know the general cost of a handbag, that will give you sort of a measuring scale of how much of a deal you are actually getting. So let’s say you walk into Walmart and decide to get a handbag. If you come across a bag that is $90 and it’s not even a name brand or designer, STOP; put the handbag back onto the rack, turn around and walk straight out of there because clearly Walmart has lost it’s mind. “Why?” you may ask. Well, for $90 for a no-name bag (despite it’s durability, performance, etc.) you might as well spend that $90 on a popular brand bag that is 100% trusted by all of it’s consumers globally such as Coach. Don’t cheat yourself! And don’t allow yourself walking around looking crazy with a $90 no-name Walmart handbag! Don’t do it, please. You don’t know much about the brand so don’t be willing to fork over all that cash just for you to experiment. Go with Coach, DB, XOXO or any designer brand because those are brands that you can trust and are trusted by millions of handbag wearers. Now if you walk into Walmart again and find a handbag that is $25 or less and isn’t made out of plastic and toothpicks then you have hit your jackpot. Know that you are getting a deal when purchasing that particular handbag.

Source by Angela I Perkins


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