What an interesting phrase this is… ‘Time Trader For Money’ – a phrase that says so much about who we may be, and the culture we’ve been brought up in. Also, what our culture has taught, and trained us to be. This culture encourages us to trade our time for money-to become time traders. The characteristics of which, is one who works X amount of hours per day, every day-receives income for just the hours worked-paid only once for the work performed. If one does not work, no money. If more money is needed, more work and hours are required.


For most people, average people, this is a lifetime cycle until retirement and Social Security. Working for that dollar per hour means that financial security will always be elusive. Someone once said, “Working hard, long hours, with your nose to the grindstone, will only get you a flat nose”. Funny, yet seems to be true these days.


Some solutions to increase income for the average time trader trapped in this cycle might be the purchasing of ‘lottery tickets’, or ‘get rich quick schemes’. Maybe a second or third job, or, going to schoolfor the attainment of new skills. For most, this just leads to the loss of money, or the continued trading of their time for more dollars. Some even try home based businesses to supplement income. But…. more time-more trading.


The days of our parents are gone… years ago you started in a company and worked your whole life building a career. It meant something, pride was huge part of it. You were rewarded many ways for your loyalty and dedication. You could retire with a pension. There might have been bonuses along the way-even health benefits provided. It’s very different today as you know. Many people with degrees are not fulfilling their desires-not working in their trained fields. If you know someone working for a major company, ask them how secure they feel. Do they really expect to retire financially independent from there? With major corporations implementing huge layoffs each year, I think not.

If a person didn’t have a white collar degree years ago, there was always the trade schools. If they went out on their own with a trade as a carpenter, plumber or electrician, and made a good life for themselves and their family, they were able to attain a small portion of the American dream- but, they were still time traders for money.


It’s a bit scary, and sad when the college grad behind the counter of Starbucks asks me if I need room for cream in my coffee. Even worse, are the number of seniors working at McDonald’s or BurgerKing. It’s heartbreaking when someone who looks like my mom or dad has to give a big ‘welcome to Walmart‘ greeting to the entering customers. Yes, I’m sure they’re thrilled at beginning their new time trading career at the age of 75 or more.

Now, please understand, there are hundreds of jobs that require time traders…somebody has to do the everyday jobs. They’re necessary. Someone has to build my house, fix my plumbing, make my donuts and pizza. The world needs time traders for money-and the majority of folks attain just that in their life. They do not have an entrepreneurial spirit. Thinking outside the box is not for them. And that’s not a bad thing… for them, it’s just who they are, what they do. And as I said, they’re needed. It’s just not what I do anymore. There’s more opportunity then ever to avoid any of the above, especially in this highly technological world that has put a computer in almost everyone’s home. Now for the fix… the real solution.


The solution is in knowing what residual income is, and how to implement it. Residual income is money derived from from work you do only once, and continues to flow. It’s not dependent on the hours you work-you do not have to be there to make money. RI can come in many forms, such as property rental, investments, network marketing, royalties from books, and, in this information age… Internet Marketing Or better said, “Good Internet Marketing!” “Smart Internet Marketing!” “Smart Internet Affiliate Marketing!” Not get rich quick scams….

We established that it’s a long, hard route to financial freedom by ‘trading time for money’-whereas, with residual income, you become much closer to the goal of financial freedom, faster, surprisingly faster than you think. There’s just two things needed to accomplish this goal of financial freedom.


People need blueprints to achieve success just as a builder needs blueprints to build a house. If you’re going to build a fantastic online business, you need a blueprint of what works, and will continue to work consistently bringing you residual income.

Imagine what it would be like to receive income of say, 4, to 10, or even 100 times of what you would normally make for the same amount of hours you work now. Lets say someone worked 10 hours and receives an income equivalent to 40, or 100, even a 1000 or more hours. Possible? There’s a good chance most people may not think it is possible. They may have been fooled many times. Or, they’ve had their flattened noses pressed against the grindstone working so hard & long that they can’t pick their heads to see that there’s something else available to them. Well, there are thousands of others who know different. Some people need nose jobs. Financial nose jobs.


We all need someone to help us along and show us the way. All our lives we’ve had teachers. Whether in school or learning a new job or skill. This is no different. We need a teacher, not a promise of riches in a week.


It is something that you might have heard a lot of lately, especially if you browse the Internet often. It’s also subject not taught in universities, yet it is becoming one of the quickest, most popular ways to make money online, through the power of the Internet. Affiliate marketing is a fun and exciting home business that can be run from a personal computer, or notebook. It’s one of the easiest business models, and this is why many new entrepreneurs begin with these programs. Affiliate Internet marketing is evolving and will continue to evolve becoming one of the hottest home business opportunity available for years to come.


A person does not have to know a thing about Internet Affiliate Marketing to begin. There are actually a few places on the Internet where one can learn from and be mentored by experienced, highly successful Internet entrepreneurs from literally zero, to virtually a few bucks a month. Yes, there are actually some decent, fair, caring people out there that are not trying to empty your wallet. As strange as it may seem, they DO exist.

CAUTION! Now read this slowly and carefully. If you are promised, in any way, shape or form that you can become rich in literally weeks by some secret marketing method that makes millions for the author offering it to you, for a mere $77 bucks, or just $159 a month, run, I repeat, run, don’t walk from that sales pitch. The Internet is swarming with these types of schemes. They feed off of people’s problems and desires. And if it were that easy, well, wouldn’t everyone be rich? If you find yourself attracted to one of these, just reach up and give yourself a slap to snap yourself out of it. (not to hard-just enough)

There are only one or two serious places on the net to learn properly all the methods and techniques used by the professionals. They can, and will take you by the hand, walking you through all the proper steps leading to that residual income that will begin to have you thinking about giving up the time trader job shortly. If learned properly, decent residual income can been seen within 3 to 8 weeks, and from there… it’s all waiting for you – and up to you. Please remember, use caution and common sense regarding get rich quick sales pitches.

Good Luck & Good Success


Source by Cliff P.


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